"Launch Your Reign Of Terror On The Sportsbooks With The World's First "Annihilator" NFL Betting System!"

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Author of the world's best-selling betting systems finally bursts the lid off on the latest release of the "Annihilator" NFL Betting System. Tested and documented over 20+ years to ensure unmatched historical winning accuracy! All records are fully documented and readily accessible.

Subject: The "Annihilator" Betting System

My friend,

I'm the world's best-selling author of the most popular sports betting systems on the marketplace who has garnered countless legions of dedicated followers merrily singing praises to my name about the untold fortunes that my systems have produced for my members.

Under my fingertips lay an immense sea of tens of thousands of raving, heartfelt testimonials from my own customers about the life-changing possibilities that my betting systems have created for them. From disabled seniors to working moms; from young adults out of school to elders with terminal diseases; from CEO's of major corporations to professional athletes; from North America to Africa to Asia...I've heard from countless people across the globe about the remarkable difference my betting systems have made in the financial well-being of countless of my dedicated followers.

Now, I want to make you my next big success story.

In my adult life, I went on to methodically apply my mathematical mastery to develop hard-hitting sports betting systems that can help people across the globe make money doing on what could just be the world's easiest job.

"One of my betting systems is so powerful that it actually ran a major sportsbook operation out of business!"

Mark Roberts was the CEO, founder, and owner of BetJoint. As testifies below, my betting system was so powerful that it made him shut down his sportsbook after several record losing years in a row from the players who wagered along with my system. Afterward, the sportsbook CEO took it upon himself to go to my website and purchased a copy of my betting system to use for himself. After using the system for years, he sent me the below letter to testify how my betting system allowed him to make back his losses that he suffered as a bookie. My betting system made the CEO of a large scale bookmaker retire from the business forever to become a bettor, and loyal follower of my system!

Mark Roberts was the CEO, owner, and founder of the former online sportsbook named BetJoint.com. He has also ran numerous other prominent bookmaking operations throughout his prolific 35-year career in the online sports gambling industry, including JazzSports, BetHorizon, BetAtlas, and many others. His company BetJoint.com went out of business because of my system players who consistently won tens of thousands from his sportsbook a week over a 2-year period. As he tells his captivating story in the letter below: In over 35 years of running bookmaking operations, Mark Roberts has never seen anything like it in his life. BetJoint's owner is now permanently retired from the gambling business due to my betting system. He has since purchased his own copy of my system and is now using it to make back his losses he suffered as a bookie. He went from being successful CEO of a large-scale online sportsbook to becoming a bettor, and one of my own happy customers!


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That's over $56,732.00 in mind-altering winnings I had pillaged from the sportsbooks' vaults in just 3 days of betting on sports, for barely doing anything much other than looking up a few stats and throwing my wagers out there.

So look, I'm not flashing to you pictures of my fancy cars and stacks of money to brag, because boasting about my lavish lifestyle is simply never the way I was raised. I hate to be in the spotlight, and if I could have it my way, I'd rather put on an anonymous persona while helping countless people around the globe make money doing the world's easiest job...

But I'm providing you with a glimpse into my way of life because I want you to have supreme security in your mind that I am real, that my story is as inspirational as it is genuine, and that my success and reputation in this business are thoroughly established.

I know it's human nature to be skeptical about listening to others' advice on the internet. Any wisecracker can promise to make you fortunes to pad his pocket, but only to leave you in mounds of despair, sorrow, and heartbreaking losses with nothing to show for you in return. So if you're going to take advice from anyone, take advice from someone who is fully known, established, and has a glowing reputation of legions of dedicated followers singing praises to his name.

That's exactly what countless people around the globe have testified about the strength of my picks, betting systems, and how my services have remarkably changed their lives in unimaginable ways ever since they came onboard.

And now, I want you to become my next success story with the grand release of my latest "Annihilator" NFL Betting System!

For untold hours over grueling months I've religiously worked on a new breakthrough idea, brain-dumping every fiber of my body to create, fine-tune, and fully develop a ground-breaking new NFL betting system to match the winning prowess of my previous best-selling betting systems that have swept the industry by storm!

The commanding "Annihilator" system was masterfully handcrafted from an undying thirst beyond all measures to construct a powerhouse NFL betting system capable of bringing the sportsbooks to their knees through a stupid-simple, yet devilishly effective mechanical formula that anyone from any background or walk of life can put to use and uncover winning bets at astounding historical winning accuracy!

Whether you're betting veteran or a greenie who couldn't care less about the final scores on the board, the "Annihilator" system is meant to be for you as long as you have a desire to amass income for spending no more than just a few minutes a day.

Introducing: The "Annihilator" NFL Betting System.


Based on painstaking backtesting to as far back as over 20 years ago until the present day as of this writing, the "Annihilator" NFL Betting System was able to multiply a simple small bankroll up to 22 times over from betting just a certain flat percentage on every bet. All of the day-to-day records are fully documented, and you'll gain access to all of that as soon as you become a member to the "Annihilator" NFL Betting System!

The "Annihilator" Betting System has historically predicted winning bets at exceptional sweeping accuracy in games where the final winning results were typically never in doubt!

Now, we should all be mindful that past results don't guarantee future performance. But based on all the results I've meticulously researched and recorded over the last 20+ years until the present day, the system has been able to win at an exceptional rate on low juice wagers, all without chasing, point-buying, or worries on how losing a betting series can put a big dent in your bankroll.

Best of all, the "Annihilator" system has won at an astounding pace on games where the winning results happened with towering margins. It leaves little doubt that not only the system made the correct winning picks, but also the correct winning picks where most of the winning results were essentially locked in!

I name it The "Annihilator" NFL Betting System, because its goal is not just to predict when an NFL team is going to win, but its goal is to also predict when a team is going to categorically annihilate their opponent in games where the final score is typically never close!

Based on fully documented results over the last 20+ years, our winning teams didn't just only win, they absolutely annihilated their opponents! On average, they outscored their opponent by over 15 points per game, while betting on the point spread where the odds for each game was only -110. This means you always have to risk only $110 for every $100 you want to win!

"That's incredible Champ! But how does the "Annihilator" NFL Betting System actually work?"

- The "Annihilator" betting system is the latest successor to my previous best-selling betting systems that have changed the landscapes of the industry. Based on fully documented results going all the way back to the last 20+ years, the "Annihilator" NFL Betting System has won at unprecedented winning accuracy in games where results were typically nothing less than annihilation!

- Within a few dozen bets, the "Annihilator" NFL Betting System successfully multiplied a starting bankroll by over 16 times using average-sized stakes, and well over 22 times using aggressive-sized stakes.

- On most bets, the winning results are never in doubt! The "Annihilator" betting system's record over the last 20+ years is fully documented. In most games, it successfully predicted the winning team in games where the final score was nothing less than a massacre!

- The average winning margin on all the "Annihilator" NFL plays over the last 20 years is over 15 points per game.

- Risk less, win more. The "Annihilator" NFL Betting System will have you wager on games where the odds on every single bet you'll place will be fixed at -110. This means that you'll only need to risk about $110 for every $100 you want to win.

- All bets will be straight bets made on the point spread at favorable odds. That's it: Just simply bet on a team to cover the point spread. Nothing more or less to it!

- No betting series to be committed to.

- No chasing involved. You'll never need to increase your stakes to recoup past losses.

- No need to ever buy points on your bets.

- System boasts an exceptional success rate as you've always come to know with my betting systems. This time, with the least risk ever!

- All records are fully documented! You'll gain complete access to the "Annihilator" NFL Betting System's day-to-day record that's fully documented over the last 20+ years to give you the total peace of mind and confidence that it has consistently picked out winning bets at nothing less than astounding winning accuracy, and has stood the extensive test of time for over 20+ years!

At your fingertips may just be a system that will have you money-pile streams of hair-raising winnings for ages to come for no more than minutes spent a day!

Historically, it has relentlessly predicted winning bets in the NFL at astounding accuracy in games where the winning margins were typically never close! The mark of a good system isn't just that it's able to win its bets, but that it can win its bets in games where our team just simply dominated from beginning to end, resulting in final scores that were typically nothing short of an annihilation on their hapless opponents!

It's been tested to the breaking point to as far back as the last 20+ years. Every single game, bet, and result of the system has been painstakingly documented. You’ll have full access to this all-inclusive spreadsheet upon your entry, allowing you a thorough bird’s-eye view of the "Annihilator" system's mind-blowing day-to-day performance over a span of decades to as far back as my mind-numbing research could allow!


Stop being a punching bag to the bookmakers...

"Arm yourself with the 'Annihilator" NFL Betting System now, and you may just begin your relentless dark reign of terror on the unsuspecting sportsbooks while only leaving despair in their wake!"

Imagine being able to place mechanical wagers without fear of emotions on the same exact bets that have been tested and documented for 20+ years to win at astounding margins!

The "Annihilator" NFL Betting System has been comprehensively tested, day in and day out over the last 20+ years because I want to lay to waste every single ounce of doubt about its mind-altering historical winning accuracy!

Every bet is fully documented to ensure that it exceeds every level of measure for a time-tested winning system.

During this 20+ year span, the "Annihilator" system managed to mechanically pick out winning bets at exceptional accuracy, where the winning results were nothing less than a bloodbath!

Will every shot always hit its target 100% of the time? No, because no system can always be 100% guaranteed to keep winning for eternity without fail. When it comes to betting, you'll need to always be prepared on the prospect of also losing on your bets. But the "Annihilator" NFL Betting System has been tested for the last 20+ years to verify its extraordinary winning margins so that you can have the peace of mind and confidence that it's as time-tested for its incredible potential as it can get. And although past results don't guarantee future performance, it can be a remarkably powerful indication. The longer it has been tested and documented for its winning prowess, the more assured we can be on its future potential.

With the "Annihilator" system, you'll be able to discover a simple formula to predict successful bets with astonishing historical winning accuracy when an NFL team has an exceptional likelihood to annihilate their opponent well before the game ever takes place!

The results are real, the records are all documented, and the future potential is nothing short of mind-blowing!

Invest in my state-of-the-art "Annihilator" Betting System today, and you'll also receive my original betting system plus picks for life - absolutely FREE! This was my claim-to-fame system that sold for $197 a copy, and was the best-selling betting system of all time.

The system was powerful enough to run the major sportsbook BetJoint out of business. It forced the sportsbook's CEO and founder Mark Roberts to come to my website to purchase a copy of my system. As a result, he became a loyal bettor with my system to earn back his losses he suffered as a bookie from all the players that were using the system against his sportsbook over a 2-year span.

The original systems cover my world-renowned NBA and MLB betting systems which have historically won approximately 97% of the time. The 97% win rate equates to the win rate of 3-game series, where you'll be betting that one particular team will win at least one time out of 3 certain games where the system has calculated to have an exceptionally high chance that the team will cover.

If the 1st bet loses, a 2nd bet is then made to recoup the loss on the first bet, plus to make a profit. Similarly, a final 3rd wager can potentially be placed if the first 2 bets lose in order to recoup previous losses, while also generating a profit.

Under very specific conditions set forth in my original NBA and MLB betting systems, you'll be able to quickly identify which 3-game series have an extraordinary probability of winning at least 1 out of 3 games in order to profit from a 3-game series. It had a historical strike rate of over 97%, with most bets winning on the very first initial bet!

The original betting systems were previously sold at $197 each for many years, and was the best-selling betting system of all time. They are included for you free when you secure your order for my latest "Demolisher" Betting System today! You'll also receive picks for life for these systems sent to your email every time they come up!


Equip yourself with the heavy artillery of the "Annihilator" betting system today and you can start striking fear at the heart of the sportsbooks.

"Every week as NFL games are played, you could be amounting a siege on the bookmakers' battleground, armed by a destroyer catapult that can launch devastating assaults under your command."


And every victory would earn you a rewarding bounty as you come in to collect an immense bag of cash. All for nothing more than just a few minutes of your time throwing your bet out there with a system that's been time-tested, analyzed, and documented for over 20+ years to authenticate its eye-popping historically winning accuracy!

Here's What To Expect From My All-New "Annihilator" NFL Betting System

The ground-breaking "Annihilator" NFL Betting System works for American football in the NFL.

The all-new "Annihilator" bankroll management will never leave you completely broke, yet has had the capacity to mulitply it to tremendous heights!

You'll simply make wagers on teams to cover the point spread. If the team covers, you'll win your bet. That's it! There will be no need buy points, commit to any betting series, or increasing your stake sizes in anyway to cover any previous losses.

Make honest-to-goodness straight wagers.

Risk only $110 for every $100 you want to win. Every bet is made on the point spread without any kind of additional point-buying at odds of -110. This means that for every $100 you want to win, you'll only need to risk $110.

My original betting systems + picks for life is included FREE with your purchase. This is the same exact best-selling betting system I released that swept the industry by storm, ran a major sportsbook out of business, and garnered thousands of rave reviews by celebrities and people just like you all across the globe! This landmark system was previously sold for $197 each, and was the best-selling sports betting system of all time! The system still works remarkably well to this day, and has continued to make untold profits for countless people all over the globe!

No betting experience necessary. All you need to do is just simply bet on a team to cover the spread. Whether you're a sports betting veteran or a greenie who has never wagered in your life, you'll find it pain-free to get started because the system only requires you to bet using the simplest betting method: Just bet on a team to cover the point spread.

No sports knowledge necessary. It may be helpful for you to simply just be aware of some simple sports terminologies (all of which will also be thoroughly explained to you in my manual). If you are totally clueless about the NFL, then it may take around 15 minutes to read over my manual to get yourself familiarized with all the terms you need to know to start putting the "Annihilator" NFL Betting System to work for you.

No interests in sports is necessary. The "Annihilator" Betting System is a mechanical and emotion-free way to bet on American football. There is no need for you to have any kind of interests in the sport in order to put the system to work for you. All that you'll be doing is is just simply bet on certain teams that fall into system criteria, then check back at the final score once the game is played. You don't need to have any passion or interests in the NFL. All you need is a passion to make money.

No math knowledge beyond a 5th grade education is necessary. You'll only need to know very basic level math in order to put the "Annihilator" system to work. It comes into play when you're trying to determine how m